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Russian Martial Art will change the way you approach life. Not only will you develop the tools required to help defend yourself and your family, but it will help you deal with psychological, physical and emotional stress. Each class starts with a series of warm-up exercises, which include specific breathing methods, stretches, and movements. Depending on the class, will depend on the work we cover. Russian Martial Art uses a combination of natural movements and relaxation to create spontaneous actions, rather than techniques. The aim is to get your body to respond to a situation instantly. Our training is usually at a slow pace, so each person can get a feel for the movements but also to explore what "options" you have available. We mostly train outdoors, in all weather conditions. We want you to experience Russian Martial Art in its fullness, where you can appreciate all the elements.


Breathing is the most important component of Systema.


Systema will test your mental and emotional state and build a strong mind.


We will releive tension from your body with Systema Annealing.


People looking to get back into shape will benefit from this unorthodox system.


We will show you natural movements to help free your body.


Systema has a strong belief in the spirit of the human being.


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